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Save Time 
Save Space

Effortlessly Haul A Can-Am, Trike, Or Full-Size Motorcycles With A Stinger Trailer. Shop Today! Simple Design & Come Assembled. Browse Our Collection Of Stinger Trailers Below!


All Stinger Trailers have two notable benefits

not found with any other trailer carrier in its class.


A Stinger Trailer saves you loading time & storage space. Whether you are hauling off-road bikes, big baggers or ATVs,

before Stinger Trailer came along, it was a challenge to load them into, on, or off your hauling vehicle. A Stinger Trailer easily hooks up to your car, SUV, or Pickup in no time, and, with its low profile wheelbase design and ground-level tailgate loading ramp, it makes loading your Two. Three and Four Wheelers a time-saving breeze unmatched by any other carrier trailer.


Best of all, once you arrive at your final destination, whether it be a driveway, motel parking, campsite, underground, or home

garage, you roll your ride off your Stinger Trailer and then fold it up for final storage. The pin release system of a

Stinger Trailer conveniently converts a full-size trailer into an upright folded trailer with a small storage footprint comparable

to the same space as a lawn mower. So, consider getting a Stinger Trailer when you want a hassle-free loading experience that saves you time and storage

space to haul your Two, Three, or Four Wheeler.

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